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May 8, 2011


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Weekly features are offered to deviants who want to share their outputs to everyone! This feature is completely free and has been started for the appreciation of art. :heart:

Here are some works of art from fellow deviants!

Please do not forget to fave the article, fave their works, follow them and shower them with lots of love! :D


Ferry-ride by ilarawanmoko ORIGAMI ON MONEY by ilarawanmoko BOXED-OUT by ilarawanmoko

King of Kingston by Kirillee Pensive by Kirillee Little Guard by Kirillee

Investigative Clownfish II by Tori-Kell Little Frog by Tori-Kell Why Hello There by Tori-Kell

Scarlet by LoveisSuicidel Nature Preserved by LoveisSuicidel The Art of Breaking by LoveisSuicidel

Work Place by artiseverywhere410 The Vending Machine by artiseverywhere410 Tiny Toy on a Climb by artiseverywhere410

Earth Goddess by keashie Blue Glows by keashie Fragile by keashie

Empress by darkangelofpain Juliet by darkangelofpain The Violin by darkangelofpain

Drops. by wandawoman Pablo, hold my baby... by wandawoman What makes me happy? by wandawoman

long long live by xinspirational a million little pieces by xinspirational sticks and stones by xinspirational

:thumb194357858: :thumb194357014: :thumb194349259:

Dreamcasting 3 by CircuitGirl Pluscious Babe by CircuitGirl Eneere and Minori -Commission- by CircuitGirl

Eternal Autumn by skorpikore Mushrooms by skorpikore Kumiho by skorpikore

Origami stars. by DahliaMatsumoto Infection. by DahliaMatsumoto Another day without. part 2. by DahliaMatsumoto

Travelling by Candlelight by MissMurderFish 100 themes: Abandoned by MissMurderFish 2012 by MissMurderFish

Castle of the Sky by joejoemuh9 DIE her hair by joejoemuh9 :thumb198853120:

Sebastian Micheallis by Hiioji 22 year old Aaron by Hiioji

Untitled by ammaira I'm Gonna Get Ya by ammaira Purple Pedals by ammaira

Feyabur by Sanguisa OC study by Sanguisa Aarok + Jessica by Sanguisa

:thumb205828346: Poison Ivy by Liquid-86 Mel Gibson by Liquid-86

H i g h by ideletemymind Wishy wishy by ideletemymind VR II - 1 by ideletemymind

Take Me Far Away by WildsideSky :thumb204135844: :thumb204135068:

A Cup Of Bull by MyLifeAsATree I'll Always Be Your Tree by MyLifeAsATree O Mi Gosh U Guyz by MyLifeAsATree

:thumb205643767: :thumb205170807: :thumb202567551:

Who is Parenting Harder by spicypeanut Jah and his Poetry by spicypeanut Marooned by spicypeanut

isolation by LyraWhite lime's bubbles by LyraWhite tardes de outubro by LyraWhite

A Killing On Old Kent Road by Ian-Terry Snarflebulb, Habitat- PokeHoR by Ian-Terry String Theory by Ian-Terry

Look back. by sandiebelle I cannot hate you by sandiebelle I love. by sandiebelle

Capusan beach by cueLinarypIecES hope by cueLinarypIecES Capusan beach 2 by cueLinarypIecES

The Last Heartbeat by Morten-akaWP Garden Variety Lightning by Morten-akaWP Don't look down by Morten-akaWP

:thumb204255800: :thumb204267464: :thumb203334595:

Part of Your World by 8-BitGirl Wide Eyed by 8-BitGirl Odd Stretches by 8-BitGirl

My Marbelous Collection by Kancano The Invisible Man by Kancano Natura by Kancano

MockingBish by Somebodylost Patterbunny Swim by Somebodylost Art Nouveau - Line Art by Somebodylost

Scarlet Shine by ForeverSoaring 3 weirdos at lunchtime by ForeverSoaring Wallpaper ID by ForeverSoaring

Sleeping Beagles by palemoonwolf The Jungle Queen by palemoonwolf Black Beauty by palemoonwolf

cataratas del iguazu. III. by lalivalmont cataratas del iguazu II. by lalivalmont cataratas del iguazu. by lalivalmont

The Ritual by DeathMystery iPhoenix by DeathMystery Kindred Spirits by DeathMystery
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MarieJane67777 May 31, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
wheres minee? i was told i was featured here.
arbaxa May 31, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
SORRY! Sent the wrong link to everyone. T_T
MarieJane67777 May 31, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
so wheres the right one?
arbaxa May 31, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
I just sent a note to everyone.
bapocchio May 31, 2011  Professional General Artist
Me too, you said I've been featured but I can also see other people's art.
arbaxa May 31, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
SORRY! Sent the wrong link to everyone. T_T
inadazeenlasnubes May 31, 2011  Student General Artist
thanks! but i cant see mine?
arbaxa May 31, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
SORRY! Sent the wrong link to everyone. T_T
inadazeenlasnubes May 31, 2011  Student General Artist
Ian-Terry May 13, 2011  Professional General Artist
Thanks for the feature! :)
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